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Verti Installer Technology

What is Verti's Installer?

The Verti Installer Technology downloads the files needed to install your selected software. After the Verti Installer has been initiated, you will be presented with a welcome screen that allows you to choose to install the software or to decline installation. In addition to your selected software, we may offer you additional applications provided by our partners. While you are not required to download these additional programs, your support of these applications allows us to continue to provide you with free access to our services. We test all of the offers that we present to ensure that they are safe, easy-to-use and easy to uninstall. You can remove the applications at any time in the Add/Remove Programs utility and/or through your browser's Extensions tab.

For more information about our installer, please see our Terms of Use: http://www.vertitechnology.com/terms

What are the system requirements to run Verti's Installer?

Verti's Installer is compatible with the following operating systems:

Verti's Installer is compatible with the following Internet browsers:

How do I uninstall or remove Verti's Installer?

The Verti Installer does not install itself on your desktop or Program Files, and instead runs only once from a temporary directory or from your Internet Downloads location, depending on your browser configuration. The file will not run again, and it will be deleted when either the browser cache or Downloads location is cleared.

How do I uninstall software?

For information on uninstalling software or setting your default home page or search provider, click here.

Is the Verti Installer safe?

Verti's Installer is a safe and secure program, and it is tested on a regular basis to ensure it is always safe. We are aware of the ever-growing number of harmful applications that have surfaced on the Internet and have taken proactive steps to review every partner in our network and verify that we exceed industry security standards.

Please be assured that the Verti Installer fully supports safe online computing practices and will always make your privacy our top priority.

What kind of information does Verti Technology Group, Inc. (VTG) collect from users running the Installer?

Verti Technology Group™ does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and respects the privacy of our users. We collect aggregate information for statistical purposes only. When you use our products, we may collect the following information:

None of this information identifies you personally, and we do not link aggregate information to Personally Identifiable Information.

All downloads on VTG sites are managed by the Verti Installer that (i) downloads the files needed to install the software; and (ii) scans your computer for specific files and registry settings to ensure software compatibility with your operating system and the other software installed on your computer. Once the Verti Installer has been initiated, you will be presented with a welcome screen that allows you to choose to install the software or decline. We may show you one or more partner software offers that may offer to: (i) change your default search provider; (ii) change your browser's homepage; and/or (iii) install icons on your computer's desktop, including third-party offers. Our partner's software will generally notify you if their application includes advertisements.

We may create a unique anonymous identifier when you install our products. We use this anonymous identifier to track installations and to enable features and functionality for specific customers who subscribe to our products and services. We do not tie the information gathered by this anonymous identifier to our customers' Personally Identifiable Information. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please click here: http://vertitechnologygroup.com/policy.

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