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About Us

Verti Technology Group™, Inc. is focused on solutions for delivering safe, secure, and friendly applications to the consumer. We work with application developers, application distributors, and affiliate networks to ensure that quality products are well received. We are meticulous about ensuring that each of our downloads is safe and actually provides value to the user (imagine that!). Our custom Verti Installer™ is smart enough to know if an app will play nicely on the user's desktop before it's even offered.

We take pride in maintaining consent screens that are simple, intuitive, and most importantly, keep the user in control. An informed user is one that can accurately acquire secure applications on their terms. We don't measure our own success; we let our users and partners do it for us.

Our Featured Apps

Desktunes - Music Streaming

Desktunes offers free music streaming within a simple set up and an elegant design. You can build your own playlist and view your “Now Playing” track and album art.

PDF creator - Create, edit & view PDF's

Whether you're looking to view or create on a PDF document, PDF Creator's intuitive interface makes it easy to take advantage of the full versatility of any Portable Document Format.

RocketFuel - Toolbar

The RocketFuel Community Toolbar provides you with powerful search, hand-picked links, and the freshest content delivered directly to your browser.