Welcome to Verti Technology Group!

Verti Technology Group™, Inc. provides solutions that deliver safe, secure, and friendly advertisements to targeted consumers. We work with application developers, application distributors and networks to ensure that valued consumers are shown quality advertisements on behalf of our advertisers.


XML Advertising

Use our real-time bidding XML feed to serve contextual advertisements to your user base. Our system processes millions of potential matches to provide your users with high-yield, relevant ads. 

Software Monitization SDK

Are you looking to generate revenue from your software? Our Software Monetization SDK works on both Windows and Mac! Easily implement our code to get started today!

Extension Monization

Extensions have become a critical part of the Internet. Whatever benefit your extension provides, we can help you monetize it & increase your revenue without impacting the user's experience!

Installer Flow Monitization

Have your own installer? Looking for additional offers in your install flow? Contact us to find out more about our great bundled offers!


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